“Angeliea’s jewelry is fascinating to wear….a feeling of specialness prevails… in each piece. Light and comfortable …organic to your body. Like I said …fascinating .” –Diana Giorge — http://www.dianagiorge.com

“Dear Angeliea, I want to take a moment to thank you for the vision and thoughtfulness that you put into the beautiful necklace you made for Sal to give to me. When my husband Sal presented it to me, I understood why he had been so interested in my existing jewelry–particularly the torquoiose pieces. I couldn’t quite figure out his seeming sudden interest in gold and stones. Your crafting of this necklace was so carefully done and such precision was taken… I did notice that the stones on either side of the middle stone are of equal size and color. I really love it; Thank you!” –Judy Castille Montezinos–Naples, FL

“Angeliea has an amazing talent for hand crafting her all original jewelry pieces which are absolutely exquisite & beautiful! Each piece is uniquely inspired and feels imbued with a Goddess energy of Beauty and Classic Design. Everywhere I go, I seem to be forever complimented on these jewels! I am fascinated by the multi faceted detail laden in these designs and I feel blessed to have acquired such an extensive treasure trove of Angeliea’s Divine Creations! Thank You, dear Angeliea!” –B. Selnick–Naples, FL

“This gift for customization is also true for her jewelry….which is elegant, sparkling, and fun in design and materials.”
–E. Arsenault

“I have many pieces of Angeliea’s jewelry—some that I bought and some she gave to me. I get compliments all the time on my necklace. Her jewelry is unique—you won’t find these Goddess pieces in a department store. They make me feel “adorned.” —Lane

“When choosing a piece of jewelry, I am looking for more than a fashion. The piece must speak to my Soul: I want to know its story; I want it to tell my story. I firmly believe that art, be it a painting or a poem, or a necklace, reflects the energy of the artist. It is important that the piece I select resonate with my energy. This is true of all art forms, but especially important with jewelry. After all, I am going to merge the energy field attached to this piece, with my energy fields for hours at a time. I want to know that the energy that went into the selection of the materials, design & crafting of the piece is pure, is imbued with light & loving energy. The beauty of Angeliea’s jewelry is that she selects the materials with the wisdom & love in her heart, designs it from the creative fountain of spirit, & crafts it with the pure energy flowing from her hands. Her jewelry designs tell a story of love & beauty, & when I wear it I feel I am reflecting love & beauty into the world.” –Pam Ruemler