“In a matter of minutes, Angeliea was able to lovingly explain why my marriage of 12 years always seemed out of sync. I learned that it was not personal, but a matter of two great people literally unable to be on the same page. This news prompted me to make changes for my own higher good, which has also been healthy for my entire family. I am so grateful that I had this priceless time of discovery with Angeliea.”

–John Stellar, media relations expert (for “the Secret”), dot connector & great dad

A truly wonderful experience – my daughter Holiday and I spent an amazing afternoon with lovely, hospitable Angeliea. Through Angeliea’s readings and interpretations, my daughter and I learned so much about our true selves and how our supportive mother/daughter relationship has built and is evolving as she enters her adult life. We learned through Angeliea how we can celebrate and cultivate our strengths, and call forth wisdom and inner power to face the future and make the most of it. We laughed and shared, and will long remember our time of fun and guided wisdom. Angeliea has a true heart, full of integrity, vision and honesty, and we were welcome recipients of her insightful gifts. Thank you, Angeliea, you are so gifted – it was wonderful!

–Elaine Gates~ Florida

I can’t thank Angeliea enough for bringing peace and harmony back into my heart! I was experiencing a spiritual block and needed help gaining clarity on a particular issue. Through Tarot and Astrology she was able to confirm the source of my hinderance, as well as, provide valuable counsel that was healing to my heart. Angeliea was very supportive of me using my own intuition during our time together, which made me feel very “in spirit” working with her. Her gift of delivering insight in a nurturing way made for a tranquil experience! I felt refreshed, liberated and energized after our visit with each other. I highly recommend Angeliea as she cultivates your own intuitive nature toward spiritual growth and living the inspired life. You are an inspiration Angeliea, I feel blessed that you came into my life!

–Cathy Lucas–Artist

“Angel is just that, an angel among us. Her readings are profound, if not life altering. Her intuition is staggeringly accurate & delivered with love & a guidance that resonates. She came to me during a very difficult time in my life when I needed support & guidance. She gave me the courage & fortitude to relax into the change in my life, to release my fear, to allow my true self to shine & light my way through the unknown. I am eternally grateful. Everyone could use daily doses of Angel. I highly recommend working with this beautiful & truly gifted goddess.”

–Hillary K. Maley Aspen, CO/Fort Lauderdale, FL


“I have had several readings from Angeliea — Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology — and I have been very impressed by this young woman. She has been quite remarkably accurate, and the information she provided was quite useful and healing for me. Angeliea is also a joy to be with: So sensitive, lighthearted, and engaging, yet also so wise and deep. Angeliea is a truly gifted Intuitive, and I very highly recommend her to the world.”

–John Pierre du Pont– Bonita Springs, FL

“Angeliea’s readings are Divinely guided, intuitively clear, healing and affirming. Her gift of sharing the Higher Truth from her heart and soul has truly made a difference in my life. She is truly aligned with Spirit and supports you in trusting your own inner guidance and intuition to make the Highest choices for your life’s path. Angeliea gives from her deep heartfelt wisdom, feminine spirit that creates support on all levels.”
–Patricia Varley – National Speaker/Facilitator/Coach/Author

Angeliea -How can I thank you for your insight and guidance during one of the most confusing times of my life? When I first talked to you, I felt like a ship lost at sea, struggling to make sense of the feelings and frustrations following the surrender of a business I had such high hopes for. I did not understand why things were so difficult, and why I felt so out of touch with my path in life. Your caring words helped me see that everything that was happening was part of the Universe’s plan for me, and put all my struggles in perspective. After our session, I felt so much better about what this year has in store for me, and know I will be prepared for all the joys and challenges it will bring. I feel I am “back on track” with my life’s purpose, and that this is the path I was meant to walk. Thank you so much for helping me see clearly what was already in my heart, and understands the truths about my nature so I can nurture my spirit and grow as a person.  With much, much love.

–April 🙂

Angeliea’s readings are truly amazing. She has helped me tremendously numerous times throughout my life. Loving, caring, and a Healer by nature, Angeliea is especially gifted when it comes to helping people make important life decisions. Her readings are powerful and thorough as she sheds light on all aspects of an issue. After a reading with Angeliea, one is left with clarity, confidence, and the strength to move forward for the sake of their “Highest Good”. An angel, a gift from God, she is indeed.

–B. Bibas, Marin, CA

Angeliea changed my life. I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship and she was reaching out for help on what I should do. Angeliea was the first tarot card reading I had ever had and what she told me through the cards and her intuition could not have been more correct. She helped me to realize so much and most importantly that I had a right to peace and happiness. Everything she interpreted through the cards and her intuition has come true. Her insight and intuition made me to realize we are all spiritual beings with a purpose and we must trust in our higher purpose and follow it so we can help others.

Angeliea is truly an inspiration and has definitely helped me to change my life for the better. All of my happiness has come from taking that step to leave and I have Angeliea to thank for that. If I had not had the reading with her and her counseling I would not have the beautiful life I have today. She is an amazing healer, supporter, light worker and friend. I am so blessed and thankful that I met her; she is truly doing the work of angels.

–Rachel, California

Angeliea’s readings are amazingly perceptive. She has years of experience on her side. More importantly, she has a keen sense of intuition that sheds light on the subtle dynamics of one’s life.

–LHC Naples, FL

Angeliea is a true Goddess- spiritual- wise woman. Her spiritual life readings reflect many of the gifts that she has to offer such as clarity, positive guidance, insight and accuracy. She delivers these attributes with a personal warmth and sincerity of heart.

If you feel you need some guidance, direction, and/ or insight about your life, then Angeliea would be the person to turn to. I am sure that you will feel greater clarity and inspiration from your readings with her.

K. Joy, Florida

Appreciation of Angeliea: I have had both an Astrology and Tarot reading from Angeliea. I was impressed and amazed both at Angeliea’s vast knowledge of these subjects, but also of the accuracy of her readings. She predicted in detail things which I didn’t think would happen, but did, such as an important real estate transaction. In her favor, Angeliea is also a very sweet and kind young woman, with a good heart. It has been a blessing and honor to get to know her.

–Beverly Selnick, Naples, FL

“Whenever I seek to understand an issue that is of vital emotional importance to me I turn to Angeliea. Her perception of where I am at a specific time in my life is tremendous, much better than that of most “professionals” like psychologists or psychiatrists, because she looks beyond that which is “normal” and accepted by society and she seeks and connects with that which is somewhere out there in the Universe, things we cannot see with our limited vision. She understands my emotions, my thoughts, my intellectual reasoning and is able to make sense out of whatever confusion I might be wading through. Thank you, Angeliea.”

–Tina York- Artist- Florida

Meeting angeliea is the gift you have been waiting for. She is a miracle worker! Ask for her insight on your life and the answers will be accurate and amazing. My sessions with Angel are always uplifting and the jolt I need for focus, awareness and loving fun.