Radiant Attraction ~ Twin Flame Connection

Have you ever met or seen someone even at a distance and suddenly felt as though a bolt of electricity was shot through your nervous system and landed squarely in your heart center?

This is what I call “Radiant Attraction”. Other people reference this as “Twin Flame Connection”.  As a Psychic Intuitive Reader/Healer and Professional Astrologer/Numerologist, I can explain the hows and whys of such an attraction. Coming from a spiritual/esoteric perspective, I actually see/read if there is a past life Soul Contract coming into play. Some times there are “Karmic” relationship connections vibrationally drawn to another.

In my vast experience I have discovered that much of the time these people are a “Messenger” to show or reflect the aspects of one’s wounds that are still in need healing.  Often times, it is less painful to see what wounds or issues are being elicited or mirrored, take note, silently thank the person for showing you, and move away from that energy to complete your inner work by yourself with the help of a conscious therapist/healer. Taking this positive action, can save many a sensitive heart from being broken, and years of not having to clean up the pieces of said devastation.

In the case of Radiant Attraction /Twin Flame Connection, there is an instant magnetic draw of two hearts. Often when this occurs, there are circumstantial issues in the way, (such as one person being married or committed to another person, age differential, or one of the beings not having the same level of awareness or evolution as the other), which then blocks or prevents the two Souls from being able to finish their “contract” in this lifetime.

However, when there are no blockages of the energies of the two coming together, and the Beloveds agree to align and merge– in my estimation there is nothing more beautiful to behold! The two Souls are then in agreement to bond and blend and assist in the healing and raising of the vibration of their own selves as well as for other seekers on this planet. I love observing and reading for these people who have made that blessed connection and are willing to process through and clear whatever energies are in the way and move firmly in the direction of Love Eternal.

Then I put on my professional Astrologer/Numerologist hat and interpret all the charts of the two; separately and together. Firstly there is the Natal or Birth Chart of each person, which is your Divine Cosmic Blueprint cast at your very first breath, then the Synastry Chart which reveals the magnetic exchange of contacts occurring between the two. Finally, there is the Composite Chart, which is the combined chart of the two Birth Charts at mid~point, which then becomes a third energy that takes on it’s own Sacred Purpose in the relationship. This composite energy brings a whole new level of relating as Twin Flames in the world.

From my experience, I have witnessed myriad beings reunited at this moment in time on the planet, and prior to the meeting, each were living a rather mundane existence. Now they both become infused to edifying the world of the Love Principle, due to the infusion of their combined energies– which of course, reflects in the Composite Chart.

The alchemy of this process is Magic in Motion! It has been my privilege to read for and guide these souls into living a stellar life of Everlasting Union, inspiring other souls to magnetize their Sacred Partner, thus continuing the flow of Divine Love and synchronistically raising this frequency on planet Earth.


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