Angeliéa is a 30 year vegetarian artist/healer/intuitive who has explored the realm of body-mind-spirit for equally as long. Born in New York and bred in the North East, she has always been drawn to the flavor of the Tropics. Thus, she ventured south to sunny Florida to attend various “Mystery Schools” of higher learning, post high school graduation. Shortly after, inspired by tropical dreams, she quested to the paridisical island of Jamaica and resided in a cottage on a remote white sand beach by the crystalline sea, creating many originaltropical paintingsdrawings, and inspired poems. For the next several years, she continued her magical journeys throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central & South America, Hawaii & Europe.

Seeking to find the “ones” who resonated from her same “tribe”, she traveled to the Middle East & Asia (high up in the Himalayas) for some time. Then, she relocated to the West Coast (California) and was pulled to myriad locales in Mexico, sharing her common bond with the “People of the Earth”. Realizing that everything has a common “Essence” has given the invitation to Angeliéa to bring this Truth through in every aspect of her life’s work.

She is a Licensed MassageAroma and Skin Care Therapist, who through her years of hands-on experience, has developed an extensive Aroma skin care line that employs the blending of only 100% pure, organic, natural active ingredients. Angeliéa has lectured at many holistic healing centers including the world-renowned health educator Gary Null’s ranch in Florida, and given her own aroma seminars through the years.

She has traveled the planet to far reaching magical “Sacred power points” and in doing so has been inspired to paint, sculpt “Vessels of Light”, write poetry, design illustrations, and work with the raw, organic materials she has gathered along the way.

Angeliéa is also keenly attuned to the “Goddess” energy within and aligns herself to the manifestation of that Highest force each moment of her existence. She will soon be offering “Sojourn of Your Divine Goddess Energies/3-day Retreat” mystical weekend celebrations throughout the country.

As a vegan, Angeliéa has fasted extensively doing many juice fasts, some up to 40 days in length. Live organic foods have been and are the foundation of her livelihood and she truly believes one cannot sustain great health without implementing over 70% fresh fruits, vegetables & juices into their diet. She loves to use her creative talents in concocting delicious nutritious meals on a daily basis, utilizing the variety of lovely plants available on the planet. She has also practiced Ashtanga Yoga for over 13 years, studying under Patabi Jois’ guidance.

Angeliéa has fostered her psychic, intuitive gifts she became aware of as a young child. She is well versed in Western Astrology and the Tarot and blends the two together into what she calls “Astro/Tarot” Guided Readings.

These readings can also be implemented into a Personal “Healthy Lifestyle Consultation” in which Angeliéa guides her client in a life-enhancing direction by creating a personalized program: balancing proper diet & food preparation, with aeorobic exercise, yoga, meditation, creative expression and interacting with nature on a daily basis.