Now is the Moment for Healing Your Heart
Heal your heart with AngelieaAre You Ready?

It’s time to get answers.

Allow Angeliéa, gifted Psychic Intuitive, Healer and Artist, to uplift your spirit and get a bird’s eye view over your life. See clearly the direction of the flow and join the powerful Universal stream of consciousness. Drop resistances and learn to move with the good that is inside you and all around you. Angeliea invites you to re-acquaint with the well-spring of your true nature. Contact Angeliéa below. Blessed Be.~

Welcome to my internet site…I am thankful for your presence here and now.

I believe that by living life to the fullest true joy can be experienced, and I invite you to join me in discovering the joy of your own true nature.

Receive psychic intuitive counseling for your personal and professional life. When it comes to the value I provide, I feel my clients say it best. Please review the testimonials on this site – they are from living, breathing beings that have personally benefitted from the guidance I shared with them.

Download my psychic counselling brochure in PDF format, here.

Ongoing Personal psychic intuitive coaching

If you have need for ongoing support, you and I can arrange regular meetings. These help keep your spirit and psyche attuned to the highest degree. Personal intuitive coaching will provide you with much needed perspective and spirtitual insight into your life and decisions and can be arranged as often as we decide is necessary to help you through challenging life situations.

My method involves drawing upon my creative resources as an artist, healer and psychic intuitive. Contact me to schedule a telephone interview.